Different applications of augmented reality

Well have you heard about the term immersive technology? If not, then make sure that you remain stick to this article as here we are going to discuss one of its type in detail. Immersive technology is something which creates a whole new virtual world away from the reality, and the users can easily feel it through their vision. This technology basically divides into three types which are virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. In this article our main focus would be on the augmented reality which is also known as AR in the short form.

Augmented reality in Dubai is very much in demand and becoming quite popular with the passing time. It has been used in various sectors and is still playing a great role in so many aspects like experiential marketing Dubai is using this AR technology to impress the potential customers and audience. Read the following article to know about different applications for augmented reality.


Well, the first major application for augmented reality is the military. The AR head sets are widely being used in this sector not only for the training but even in battlefield as well. Like for instance if we talk about a pilots then this AR technology proves to be quite beneficial for them. This is so because, AR heads up display is a kind of transparent display which will inform the pilot about every crucial detail without distracting him from the flight.


AR technology also play a major role in medical sector especially in the medical educational institutes where the students want to learn in depth. Obviously it is not possible to teach the students about a surgery by practically performing every time. In such scenario augmented reality proves to be quite beneficial as it can even tell about the inner most organ and the right steps for surgery without even doing it in real.


Here comes another application for augmented technology and that is gaming. Well gaming is the part of every person irrespective of the age so such kind of advance technology would definitely enhance the thrill and excitement of the player automatically. This is so, because watching something in front would seem to be reality and this will let the gamer to enjoy to the fullest.

In short, augmented reality or AR technology is being used in several fields and is playing a major role to intensify the benefits for the users.